Start Your First App

Programs written in various programming languages are supported by Google App Engine.

  • Java: Using the Java runtime environment of App Engine, it is possible to construct your program using standard Java technologies.
  • Python: App Engine comes with standard Python libraries and a quick Python interpreter.
  • PHP: App Engine uses the Cloud Platform services of Google underneath the hood when you call PHP functions that are normal.
  • Go: App Engine includes a Go runtime environment that runs compiled Go code.

Google App Engine allows you to create and install an application that runs reliably with huge amounts of data and under heavy load. It contains the following characteristics:

Constant storage with trades, sorting, and queries.
Asynchronous job queues for performing work outside the range of a request.
Scheduled jobs for activating events at regular periods or stated times.
Integration with APIs and other Google cloud services.
Programs run in a safe, sandboxed environment, enabling App Engine to distribute requests and servers that are scaling to satisfy traffic requirements. Your program runs within its safe, dependable environment which is separate of actual location of the server, operating system, or the hardware. To get the full set of attributes.